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National Holidays

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January 1

Yangi Yil Bayrami

Новый Год

New Year Holiday

January 14

Vatan himoyachilari kuni

День защитника родины

Day of Defenders of the Motherland. The day when the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan were established. Military men in full dress are lined up on the main square of the country in order to accept congratulations and awards from the leader of the country. The representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Security Service and other institutions participate in this ceremony. Participants in the parade also lay wreaths at the Independence Monument.

March 8

Xalqaro Xotin-Qizlar Kuni

Международный Женский День

International Women's Day

March 21

Navro'z Bayrami


Nowruz (Persian New Year)

May 9

Xotira va Qadirlash Kuni

День Памяти и Почестей

Memorial/Remembrance Day - Introduced by President Islam Karimov as a commemoration of those who suffered in the war against fascism during World War II and who sacrificed their lives for freedom of the country.

September 1

Mustaqillik Kuni

День Независимости

Independence Day

October 1

O'qituvchi va Murabbiylar Kuni

День Учителя и Наставника

Teacher's Day

December 8

Konstitutsiya Kuni

День Конституции

Constitution Day