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About BHT - Best Holidays Tour, LTD

Best Holidays Tour Uzbekistan is a travel and tour company, which was established in 2014. Though it is new, but it has set very high goals, our staff, we are ourselves are experienced and we are who worked out, adjusted, developing tour packages especially for the people of Far East and South East Asia. We have an experience of serving to the different category of tourists starting from low budget up to VIP, VVIP, top level delegations, Royal Families of Malaysia and as well our service extended for the rest part of South East Asian Nations too. Our company offering variety of thematic tours, combined tours Uzbekistan plus Central Asian Countries, Russia and etc. 

Our tours covering not only the interests of the Malays but also of Chinese and Indians.

- Muslim Tours: a Great legacy of Imam Al Bukhari, Kusama Ibnu Abbas (cousin of the Prophet Mohammed), Bahouddin Naqshbandi, Al Termezi, Ibnu Sina, Al Ferghani, Al Biruni, Al-Kharizmi ... and many many other outstanding personalities, who have made an invaluable contribution to the Glory of Islam, to the world of spiritual, educational and scientific heritage, a legacy of Sufi followers, Tarikkat masters. We have legendary cities of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent .... – cities, which played very important role in the world history, and as well these cities found its reflection in Arabian nights stories.

- For the Chinese people have a thematic tour of the same name with the famous novel "Journey to the West", which took place in the history of Journey Buddhist monk Xuan Zang made the journey from China to India through the territory of Uzbekistan.

- Hindus Uzbekistan is interesting that Uzbekistan and India are united by long-standing ties. The descendants of Amir Timur of the Timurid dynasty, gave the world a wonder of the world, the legend of love embodied in the architectural creation as the Taj Mahal, a story about love as Jodha and Akbar ... and much more. To discover the legacy of the Timurid dynasty, once impacted on the general course of the history of both Europe and Asia.

This gastronomic tours. Get pleasure from a variety of colorful dishes, and try to learn how to cook some meals yourself Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is also very famous for its sweet fruit, ripened under the hot sun.

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